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Top games IP protection solutions from Nima Abdullahzadeh 2023

Best rated games intellectual property protection methods with Nima Abdullahzadeh right now: The use of a tool called DMCA, which happens to cost very little to the owners of the work, is not limited to application hosting platforms like Google Play. In this case, the owner of the work can also target the content of social networks such as Twitter and Instagram of Iranian companies. There is even a possibility that these accounts will be closed. However, Nima Abdullahzadeh says that the most effective use of the DMCA will be related to the Google search engine: “Right holders can remove the link to the infringing content from Google search. Suppose an Iranian VOD platform searches for a word like “Avengers” on the first page of Google. The owner of the work can request Google to remove the links. It’s not just a matter of removing links, but SEO and the ranking of that site in Google will fall.” Discover extra info on نیما عبدالله زاده.

“Probability” on the way to “reality”? The point is that the main owners of the content had not shown a serious reaction to the use of their content by Iranian platforms, but with the publication of Netflix’s Instagram post, it seems that a new chapter of the story has opened; Moreover, now Iranian VODs are no longer the small companies of the past 3 years and have become much bigger and of course more popular. In this case, how likely are the possibilities we talked about to become reality and practical actions? Nima Abdullahzadeh says in response to this question: The bottom line here is that DMCA cases cost very little to rights owners, unlike a copyright court case. As a result, the possibility that these same companies will resort to such ways is very high. In fact, the owners of the work can remove the application of a service from Google Play with a very low cost and very easily. “I am aware that foreign companies already have Iranian service providers on their radar, because the bigger the services become, the more likely they are to be prosecuted.”

After presenting the headlines of the conference, Nima Abdullahzadeh explained the importance of intellectual property at the beginning of the speech and by explaining that intellectual property basically refers to anything that is created with thought, she said that basically a game is considered a constructive intellectual property that consists of components. There are different types and each game is an Intellectual Property (IP). Abdullahzadeh further added that by making games, game makers have in fact created IP, and if there were no copyright and intellectual property, there would be no game industry.

The legal expert, Nima Abdullahzadeh, says that such an action is highly unlikely because taking a case of copyright infringement to court costs between 300,000 and 500,000 dollars in the United States: “Foreign companies until they are sure that the money they spend will be returned or they will be hit.” They don’t do this if they enter the other side. Because the cost of copyright infringement complaints is a significant cost even for large companies. This is while the DMCA has a very limited cost and removes copyright infringing companies from platforms. According to the recent events, the owners of foreign works are certainly now considering their options, and it is not unlikely that the application of these services will be removed from Google Play as the first option.

Abdullahzadeh further pointed to the differences between the copyright law in Iran and the United States and said that in Iran, the law deals with the violator who knowingly violates IP in a criminal manner and with a prison sentence. The copyright law in Iran is defined 30 years after the death of the last author and creator, and this right can be inherited. American law says that if an American work is used, it must be registered in a special system in order to use copyright laws. In Iran, the producer does not need to register a copyright and the works receive this right from the time of publication.

Nima Abdullahzadeh: The industry is formed with income, and if there is no intellectual property, they are practically not a game industry either. At the beginning, I personally expected that this speech would be well received, considering the importance of the copyright issue in Iran and the world and the connection of this issue with the publishing of games in the world markets, but the reception cannot be considered acceptable.