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Microtech Knives has been around since 1994. They pride themselves on making high-end knives with US materials. Most of their products are made in-house. They highlighted their new Microtech MSI, which stands for Microtech Standard Issue. They had many requests for a manual folding knife, so that is how the MSI came into being. What’s most unique about is its patent-pending Ramlock locking mechanism. The beauty of the MSI is the MSRP. It will list for around $250, but it could go lower if they do an injection-molded handle.

Opinel and Victorinox are by no means the Alpha and the Omega of the pocket knife world, but their overall influence and well-earned respect cannot go without mention – as, together, they changed the landscape of the knife world forever. And the fact that both of these family-owned behemoths still exist and craft many of the same knives that made them famous is impressive in its own right. However, what is perhaps the most interesting coincidence surrounding these two companies is how closely in time they came into existence while still traversing two vastly differing yet similarly influential paths.

Butterfly knives, also known as balisongs, are pocket knives with two counter-rotating handles around the tang that close over the blade to conceal it in the hands. The design of these folding butterfly knives allows you to quickly unfold the blade when you need it most. offers a high quality selection of functional butterfly knives for show or play in addition to practice butterfly knives that are perfect for learning the art of flipping. Which butterfly knives are prohibited? Along with butterflies, the Law on Weapons prohibits the circulation of knives, the blades of which are either automatically removed from the handle when a button or lever is pressed and fixed by them, provided that the length of the blades is more than 90 mm.

Now there are hundreds of different styles and materials, dozens of different blade steels, and countless knife makers and designers around the world. And our planet has become a much smaller place in the age of the internet and the era of globalization. Whether you’re looking for a simple camping knife or the most extreme American-made tactical folder ever imagined, you can find it out there somewhere. Or you can have it custom made, if you’re not one to relish in the chase. By the way, the term ‘tactical folder’ was coined by Bob Terzuola, the man who literally wrote the book on tactical folding knives.

The Benchmade Bugout comes in several trim levels, ranging in price from $160 to $540. The price fluctuates with the materials. If you want a super steel and carbon fiber, it’s going to cost you. But, all the models share the same blade shape, ergonomics, and locking mechanism. The Bugout has a drop-point blade that puts the tip in the knife’s centerline. That feature makes it intuitive to know where the point is while you’re working. The belly has a gentle sweep, which is useful for a lot of cutting tasks. If I had to choose one blade shape for all my knives, the Bugout’s drop point would be it.

Buck is a family-owned company that’s been running since 1902. The Buck family members still show up at the office to work side-by-side with employees to produce American-made products in Post Falls, Idaho. Interviewing Ken from Buck Knives who describes his 3 most interesting knives in 2023. From their hunting line, they highlighted the Alpha Hunter, a fixed-blade knife with a sweeping blade made from S35VN steel with jimping in the right places and a thumb rest for processing game. It’s sold with an American-made leather sheath. It also has a little brother, the same knife in a smaller profile.