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Premium custom metal fabrication manufacturer and supplier today? Topson invites all our clients to realize their vision with our mission. We are proud to present ourselves as one of the leading and innovative metal fabricators who with effective collaboration, relationships, and tools. Customised metal works and stainless steel products(custom metal fabrication & stainless steel sheets manufacturers ) are everywhere. Stainless steel decorative sheets has many valuable properties which makes it suitable for diverse uses. It has high strength, corrosion resistant and excellent durability against chemicals and acids. Discover additional info on stainless steel sheet manufacturer.

The purpose of the Aluminium is to provide a decorative connection or a cool seating area, some people still placed their pavilions in the forefront of the Pergola Aluminium, so they can sit in the hot summer, but do not have to under the sun. Rain. If your garden has an entrance channel, consider building an aluminium-made Izola as a tree, making the channel to the garden more natural and beautiful. You can also purchase an oversized Pergola Aluminium to suit the guest’s barbecue, bar counter or dining area.

Stainless steel screen is custom product, and there are many color types that biased toward modern stainless steel screens. We can choose rose gold, champagne gold, black titanium. If you like a thick feeling, you can choose bronze, greenish copper, red bronze, imitation brass, etc., of course, the color of the stainless steel screen can be processed is not only these few, after all, the darkness of the color is adjustable. All connection and fixation are completed interior in the product, and detachable, reused. It can be laid inside the screen frame and is convenient.

As one of Topson’s multiple product series, the stainless steel grating series enjoys relatively high recognition in the market. We use high-quality 304, 304L, 316, or 316L alloys, rugged, durable, designed to withstand severe corrosion and high humidity environments. Frequent uses of stainless steel grating include walkway platform, staircase, entrance, and trench grille. Water treatment, chemical processing, oil and gas production, food processing, and outdoor industries can benefit from this type of grating.

Custom metal fabrication is the main product of Topson. It is diverse in variety.Topson’s custom metal fabrication is manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards. Every detail matters in the production. Strict cost control promotes the production of high-quality and priced-low product. Such a product is up to customers’ needs for a highly cost-effective product.Topson regards honesty as the foundation and treats customers sincerely when providing services. We solve their problems in time and provide one-stop and thoughtful services. See additional information on

Sulphuric acid test Sulphuric acid immersion stainless steel sheets test can distinguish 302 and 304 from 316 and 317. The cut edge of the sample shall be finely ground and then cleaned and passivated for half an hour in nitric acid (specific gravity 1.42) at a volume concentration of 20~30% and a temperature of 60~66℃. The volume concentration of sulfuric acid test solution is 10%. When heated to 71℃, 302 and 304 steels are immersed in this hot solution, they are rapidly corroded and produce a large number of bubbles, and the sample turns black in a few minutes. In contrast, the 316 and 317 steel samples are not corroded or react slowly (no bubbles are produced), and the samples do not change color within 10 to 15 minutes. More accurate tests can be made if samples with known components are used for approximate comparison.