Top all in one mailbox server side solution today

Top rated single mailbox solutions today? This is my first review ever. It’s due to amazing support.I love the idea behind Mutant Mail, got it up and running on a domain in 5 minute. My registrar wanted to charge me for email. Mutant Mail let’s me create a ton of my domains their own email addresses and reply all from the same gmail address without it looking like, well, I’m replying from a gmail address. Discover additional details at how to reply forwarded email. Ever wanted to forward your emails to multiple recipient? Well now you can. And with our Enriched routing, your brand/domain identity is maintained when email is replied from either of them.

It’s because we ask for your domain verification before your domain can be used in any way (and that requires a txt record). For domains that are already attached with us. They can be controlled by their own recipient/destination/control email ids only. Routing is maintained at the account level, domain level, and email id level. If an email id that is not a recipient email id, attempts to send an email for your domain, it will be discarded, and not sent. For any email id to be attached as control/recipient/destination email id, link authentication is used. Unless that destination email id is verified, it cannot be used.

Sending at the right time: You don’t want to send an email campaign in the middle of the night or an hour before you go to bed. Sending at the right time will ensure that your email is read by a wide audience and encourage them to open up your emails. It’s important to send your email campaigns when people are most receptive. Check your sending volume: To avoid your campaigns from falling into the spam trap, it’s important to check your sending volume. Sending too many emails without giving much gap in between them can annoy your customers and lead to a lot of unsubscribes or getting marked as spam. However, sending infrequent emails is not a good idea either. It can let your subscribers forget about you.

Is it true, that you do not store or log any emails? It is absolutely true. We do not store, log or read any email that passes through our system. That’s why we have concept of recipient email id. Your email ids (that are associated with Mutant Mail), are managed by your recipient email ids. These email ids store your real emails, contacts etc. Mutant Mail only acts as routing system in between your client and your recipient email id. Thus, it ensure your brandin/domain identity is maintained when you hit reply on your recipient email id.

Email ids on Mutant Mail can help you create a more professional image for your business or organization. It’s simple, yet distinctive. The email id on Mutant Mail is not tied to a single service provider, but can be used for multiple purpose. This helps in creating a unified image and brand across the services of your choice. Comparing this to plus sign (+) trick, you really can’t have an independent email with it’s own identity. Did we tell you, Mutant Mail allows you to have your own separate signature for each of your email id too? Did we tell you that almost all the services out their, store your emails in plaintext? That means, in case a mishap happens, and their servers are ever compromised, anyone and everyone can read your emails, without breaking a sweat. See more details at

Can I add a domain while using it for hosting website somewhere else along with Mutant Mail? Absolutely. If you have a custom domain say and you are using it to host a website somewhere else e.g. Godaddy or Namecheap then you can simply update the MX and TXT records to use it simultaneously with MutantMail for email. Can I add a domain while using it for email somewhere else? It depends. If you are using same domain for sending at other provider or system (like autoresponder or send email from hosting), you can use Mutant Mail along side it. But if you want to have couple of email ids going to your existing inbox and rest routed via Mutant Mail, than that’s not possible.