Non-Profit Growth business marketing company 2022

Non Profit Growth business strategy agency UK? At the end of the day, it is all about making a difference. We know you are on a mission to make a positive social or environmental impact or enhance people’s quality of life and we want to join you in this mission. Together, we can make a difference in people’s lives and help people. We have a proven and transparent success record that reflects our deep commitment to the sector, but also to the love that is showered on us by organisations that use our services.

Social Enterprises are a vital part of society and we understand the fundamental need for these organisations to drive forward progress towards a fairer and just world. Occupying a unique space and having to capitalise on the gaps between the public and private sector, means Social Enterprises must seek out unique funding opportunities that take skill and specialist knowledge to navigate. We at NPG are at the forefront of these sources and have helped numerous clients to achieve long-term financial stability. There are many specific opportunities of support for social enterprises to benefit from. The advantages of being a social enterprise include the emphasis on sustainability and self-reliance as an ultimate objective. To aid this, many funders are keen to specifically support social enterprises achieve their goals.

COVID-19 has shown us the importance of maintaining Arts and Culture, with countless people relying on the consumption of mixed-media to feel human connections. We have also seen how fragile the sector is, and the need to secure longer-term financial security to ensure that the arts survive through the most difficult of times. We know how underfunded the Arts and Culture sector is, and so we can help you navigate specific applications with bodies such as the Arts Council. Our specialist knowledge means we have access to funds that many organisations are unaware of. See more details at Nonprofit Growth.

Combining ROI-oriented grant fundraising with story driven proposals, NPG creates fundraising campaigns with compelling narratives that exceed fundraising and growth goals. NPG begins each project with a full understanding and firm commitment to your strategic objectives. For organisations looking to clarify, expand or rethink their perspective, we offer the following strategic services. Navigating a vast range of opportunities can be daunting, especially as many funders will only consider projects that fall into their priority themes or cover specific geographical areas. Additionally, they may have a range of exclusion criteria. Instead of spending hours seeking out funders for your projects, NPG uses our years of experience with trusts, foundations, philanthropists, and rich lists, to find you perfect matches. This allows you to focus on delivering your life-changing projects. We carefully align your priorities to that of the funders, only recommending those who offer you the right type and level of funding for your needs.