Best single mailbox server side solution today

Top all in one mailbox providers by MutantMail? Perfect Solution! I have several email addresses I need to log into and check on a regular basis, Mutantmail will cut that work for me by over half. I could not have imagined a better solution than Mutantmail. Setup was so simple that I was sure I didn’t do it right! Mutantmail is now just a part of who I am and what I do. Read more details on one mailbox. Privacy & Security: Foundation built on Privacy and Security. Emails or your contacts are neither logged, nor stored with us.

It’s because we ask for your domain verification before your domain can be used in any way (and that requires a txt record). For domains that are already attached with us. They can be controlled by their own recipient/destination/control email ids only. Routing is maintained at the account level, domain level, and email id level. If an email id that is not a recipient email id, attempts to send an email for your domain, it will be discarded, and not sent. For any email id to be attached as control/recipient/destination email id, link authentication is used. Unless that destination email id is verified, it cannot be used.

Spam bounce on the other hand is the rejection done by recipient mail server, which indicates that the email was likely a piece of spam. There are various metrics on which this action is taken, and one of the most important one is the number of links in your email. Feedback loop helps you deal with emails getting marked as spam by the users along with your bounce. In some email system they also are called as spam score. It’s important to monitor your open and click-through rates. If they’re low, it could be a sign that your email is being filtered out or that the recipients aren’t interested in what you’re sending them. Email Formatting : Email formatting can be the difference between an email being seen as a valuable communication and one that is relegated to the spam folder.

Can I keep using my domain on Google Workspace (G-Suite)? At a time only one server can accept mailbox related to any domain. But there is a workaround. You can have your main domain associated with mutant mail and a subdomain associated with your Google Workspace(G-Suite). That way Mutant Mail can route all admin, legal, anything @ to your G-Suite And of course, when you will reply to those emails from your subdomain, your domain email id will be shown to the recipient and not your subdomain.

Email ids on Mutant Mail can help you organize your email communications by separating work emails from personal emails, for example. You can also use it to keep your personal email address private. When you sign up for an email account, you likely provide your personal details and email address. However, did you ever stop to think about who is really selling your data? With Mutant Mail’s on the fly feature, you have option to sign up easy service with a new email id. And still have the flexibility to reply/send via each of those email ids when needed. Using a unique email for every service can easily reveal which one is the culprit, that’s selling your email id to spammers, in case you start getting spam emails. See even more information at

If I use a GPG/OpenPGP key, that’s at the account level, correct? So every email I receive will be encrypted. Will every email I *send* be encrypted, and is there anything special the recipient needs to do to open them? We allow GPG/PGP at a finer level, and it’s set at the individual recipient email id level. Yes, once you set it from “Recipient Inbox”, emails are encrypted only on forward flow and a client like thunderbird will be needed to handle decryption automatically. Your clients don’t need anything for that, as we don’t encrypt that flow yet.