Top Jordan day tours 2022

Top Jordan day tours today? Mount Nebo is the crown jewel of Biblical sites in Jordan. According to the Old Testament, this mountain is said to be the place where Moses saw the Promised Land ahead of his death. Today, it’s a spiritual attraction, with some of the country’s best preserved mosaics from the 6th century, a Serpentine Cross, and the famous Moses Memorial Church. Your ticket to the church includes access to Memorial Viewpoint, which has a small museum and views of the Dead Sea and Jerusalem on a clear day. But for more privacy with similar vistas, take a 100-meter walk on the road downhill from Mount Nebo and make a left toward the hilltop. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. Read extra info on Jordan private tours.

Jordan’s largest and most compelling Roman site, the ancient city of Jerash is a must for history buffs. It’s now considered one of the best-preserved sites of Roman architecture outside Italy and visitors can take in its public baths, squares and temples. Colonnaded Street is the city’s impressive main road lined with columns on both sides and paved with the original stones still rutted by the wheels of chariots. This vibrant city in the north of Jordan is surrounded by pine forests and built on the site of an ancient market town once visited by Emperor Hadrian. The city is overlooked by the imposing Ajloun Castle, which has stood on a nearby hillside for nearly 1,000 years. Though damaged by earthquakes and attacked by the Mongol, the city remains surprisingly well preserved, with a small museum and impressive views.

Aqaba is Jordan’s gateway to the Red Sea. It buts up to the out-and-out resort town of Eilat in Israel across the border, and crowns the tip of the salty water with a medley of palm-spotted promenades and yellow sand beaches. Today, widespread redevelopment projects, and the raising of uber-luxurious resort hotels at Tala Bay just to the south, are converting Aqaba into the perfect seaside escape in the Middle East. You can tour the ancient ruins of Tall Hujayrat Al-Ghuzlan, see the date trees of the Shatt Al-Ghandour, or do what most do: go underwater on a SCUBA excursion to see the multi-colored reefs that fringe the submarine beds all around.

Jordan is a traveler’s dream introduction to the Middle East. Safe and friendly, the destination gets travelers up close to world wonders and immerses them in world-class hospitality. You’ll feel right at home once you slip into the culture of this easygoing country. UNESCO World Heritage Sites abound in Jordan. Marvel at fading frescos in the 1,300-year-old desert castle of Quseir Amra. Climb red sand dunes and stand in the shadows of weathered sandstone in Wadi Rum’s humbling desert landscape. And plan to spend at least two days exploring Jordan’s crown jewel attraction: Petra. The jaw-dropping sites in the ancient Nabatean city will leave you stunned – and eager to see more. Find even more details on

Learn about traditional Jordanian food through cooking lessons with the indomitable Maria at Beit Sitti. Not only will you get to taste the smoky, aubergine richness of baba ganoush and the more suspect aniseed spirit Arak, but you’ll mix with people from Amman in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Top tip: choose an evening class and enjoy the sound of the call to prayer amid the orange blossom in this old and beautiful part of Amman. Bright skies, pleasure boats and snorkelling await in Aqaba, Jordan’s playground. It’s also a good dive site and has easily accessible markets for spice pyramids, incense and perfume. Top tip: Make sure to visit the markets in the evening, when the smoke of the incense is at its most atmospheric. Also, check out this video on how to snorkel for beginners before you go.