Road haulage lawyers and London low emission zone fine

Road haulage solicitors and DVSA investigations? At Smith Bowyer Clarke, our record of recovering seized trucks and loads is extremely high. Click here to see some recent examples. We can even arrange for collection, transhipment and onward transportation. Vehicles Seized for Operating Without an O Licence: The police and the DVSA have the power to seize your vehicle if they think you are operating without a licence. Only the legal owner of the vehicle can apply to to the authorities for the return of the truck. The owner of the seized vehicle will usually be expected to appear before the Traffic Commissioner at a hearing to explain, with evidence, why the vehicle should be returned to them. The law provides only four grounds for the return of the truck, three of which are highly technical. Often the result turns on the outcome of detailed legal argument.

We offer a cost-effective, fixed-fee arrangement designed to cover these steps and to provide you with certainty as to your costs. Smith Bowyer Clarke can arrange training from experts in the Road Transport field on: How to install an effective system to prevent clandestine entrants, in line with the Codes of Practice issued by the UK Government, The paperwork (checklists / training manuals etc) you need, The actions drivers must take to identify and prevent migrant access, The documentation that must be carried in the cab of the vehicle at all times, The information that must be provided to the Border Force if stopped.

Expert team of Barristers and Solicitors with years of experience in providing advice and representation in Road Transport Law.Road Transport Lawyers for HGV and PSV Operators and Drivers in the UK and around Europe. For a no-obligation, free initial consultation or rapid answer to a simple query just get in touch. We know how busy you are, and can attend at your operating centre, home or place of business at a time to suit you – we provide a truly national service. See extra information on clandestine entrants.

It is quite common for an unsatisfactory maintenance inspection to result in both you and your drivers being interviewed under caution by the DVSA. This is their opportunity to quiz you about any potential offences that may have come to light from an inspection of your records. These could include suspected tachograph offences, maintenance failings, use of unauthorised operating centres, and anything else they think they have identified. Your transport lawyer will be able to contact the DVSA to try to find out what their concerns are, assist you in preparing for your interview and be present with you throughout to advise and ensure your rights are protected.

Using a Driver’s card belonging to another: By driving using another person’s tachograph card, a driver is creating a false record. The DVSA / VOSA will want to investigate why the other card was used, and how it was obtained. This offence can carry up to two years in prison. The authorities will want to know whether the Operator was aware that a driver was using another’s card. Operators who fail to notice this happening, or are complicit in it, can expect to be either prosecuted or called to Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner. Find more info at Transport Solicitors.