Who is Tim Trilioni and some of his songs

Tim Trilioni and the climb of a rapper? This March he flew to Rome, Italy to speak with designers to start drafting patents for developing his own clothing line that will mix traditional Italian quality style with a Hip fresh urban pizazz that is set to roll out early 2020. While in Italy, Tim Trilioni also shot his debut Music Video “By My Side.” Check it out on Itunes and wherever good music is sold. Tim Trilioni’s confidence is tops and he knows what he wants. We are all waiting to see what’s next for Mr. Tim Trilioni. We are patiently anticipating new music and amazing clothes in the upcoming months.

For starters, “By My Side” employs a richly layered head-nodding beat with flourishing EDM-styled electro-strings. On top of the bumping music template Tim Trillioni gives us yet another power display of his vocal attributes – his versatile voice skittering between deep soul-searching words and high-rising falsetto adlibs. This song has ridiculous replay value for me, and I’ve listened to it more and more, each passing day.

Trilioni has healed people through his benevolent assistance. This quick witted and talented lyricist is also connected to the production houses called ‘Arista’ and ‘Wizard Words Media Group’ that has futuristic facilities. Also, he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album ‘Black gold Rush’ slated to be released by June or July this year. In the track ‘Scenario’, there is a soulful and dark sound that is very rich in fervor which stands to be the most lovable aspect of his songs. In this track, Tim Trilioni vocalizes a unique and contemporary flare that’s all his own. Find the song at New Orleans Rappers – Tim Trilioni.

This mainstream society master has his hand in each part of the business. This March he traveled to Rome, Italy to talk with fashioners to begin drafting licenses for building up his own apparel line that will blend conventional Italian quality style with a Hip new urban energy that is set to turn out mid 2020. While in Italy, Tim Trilioni additionally shot his presentation Music Video “Close by.” Check it out on Itunes and any place great music is sold.

How long have you been singing and writing? I’ve practically been singing all my life. I enjoy doing it. I enjoy raping and vocalizing to anything with a decent melody to it. Be spellbound by the dark rich and soulful sounds of artist Tim Trilioni. He brings a powerful but subtle edge to today’s music scene blending contemporary R and B, Hip Hop, New Orleanian Blues, Jazz, Afro-rhythm, Samba and Classical sounds together for an interesting listening experience. Listen Tim Trilioni – By My Side on