Clap-Serv or the rise of a community service free marketplace

Clap-Serv or the growth of a community service free marketplace app? No Commission & No subscription fee! There are no commission or subscription will be asked on this platform. Its a free app from subscription and commission. Send proposals and get selected: Look at the service requirement and prepare your proposals accordingly to send customers through the Clap-Serv App. Minimize your expenditure on sales, ads…etc

Zero Commission & Zero Subscription Platform: We believe that the platform has to be commission or subscription free for all the community members. It inculcates the equal ground for every one and filled with Opportunity. All in all, the line between consumer and producer will fully blend here when this community collaborates and builds product and services for their own unique need. Whole lot of mass customization will be possible. It will create the ground of equal opportunity for every one and will bring true competitiveness in the Market.

Clap-Serv is committed to help these talented yet left alone service providers and freelancers getting deals from customers without any commissions or ssubscriptions. Just imaging a regular service need of yours and when you contact your service provider and explains your problem. Did you ever feel that just by talking, you can’t explain. You have to call the guy at your house, he looks at it and then he quotes you. It really become difficult at times calling people at Home showing your problems and then deciding upon your terms of business with them. Find extra info on

Believe it or not but with the help of Clap-Serv, you can do endless customization of your service requirement. How?? Use videos, images and attachment for the customization of your service requirement. These are the tools you can use at your fingertips to communicate your service requirement better. Unlock the potential of this app in finding the right service provider for you. Your search for any of your unique service requirement ends here. Now post your unique service request and customize it with the help of images, video and document.

Can I ask for rental or property related Services? Yes, You can and find service provider per the location your looking for. Can I go source service in different Town or City? Yes, you can. While sending the request for your service choose other address and add a new one. As professional service provider, do i need to pay any subscription charge or commission? This app is free from any subscription charges or commission charges.

A true market place which does not ask any commission or subscription fee and remove obstacles for low paid subscribers. A digital market place which allow buyers and sellers to deal directly with each other without lot of restrictions. A marketplace where people can innovate ways to communicate their service need and prosper customization at each individual level. We’re motivated by what Clap-Serv can bring to those who may have little, but can still offer a lot. Imagine the impact that Clap-Serv could have for struggling talents around the world. See additional info on