5 Movies That Address Police Corruption and Misconduct

The always controversial debate of corruption that darkens the many levels of power across all features and organizations in life, often reaches one of the most important yet hated groups of individuals; Police. With corruption being the main driving force of the problems in the world, the Police have been identified as one of the “gangs” that are well organized and often surrounded by it. With cover ups within the system, as well as the privilege that comes within, the following films depict the matter in a great and entertaining way. From individual stories to systematically favoritism, corruption is a present and central theme that coats the stories for a great learning experience.

  1. Unarmed Man

Coordinated by Harold Jackson III, addresses different focuses that will put the police’s side on the edge. The story, in light of a cop’s excursion through a dowspiral set of occasions. The film addresses the present applicable interesting issues as far as police ruthlessness, the primary issue; shooting and executing an unarmed man at a normal traffic stop. At the point when the story disentangles, it offers alternate points of view that will change the crowd’s perspectives. The excursion through the subtleties that are covered in the preference, cliché, and racial profiling that influences numerous in the present society and has prompted the walking of thousands the country over to voice their conclusion.

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  1. Blue Lives Matter

The movie, coordinated by Joseph Henson, gives the account of an African American police officer that subsequent to shooting a posse part is erroneously indicted for homicide. At the point when he sees that everything in his life will be wrongly influenced, he assumes control over issues. The film plays a significant storyline wherein cultural issues, right now sparkling bring today, and the sentiment of disappointment encompass the primary theme.

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  1. Training Day

The action packed film with the infamous good cop, bad cop theme, is an excellent exposure to the corruption within the Police department. In the film, filled with corrupt officers from left to right, is a ride or die storyline. The internal knowledge of the individuals who share the values for the matter is displayed across the story and leads the audience into a more action and trust based theme that gets an important message across while delivering a great amount of entertainment.

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  1. Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within

Following an exciting story that gave the original “Elite Squad”; where corruption and abuse of power is greatly depicted, the “The Enemy Within” takes Nascimento on a speculative good excursion during which he sees firsthand how brutality sires savagery, and that police corruption is a malady that can rot and contaminate the whole law requirement contraption. Maybe on the grounds that the center has moved from the medication exchange to corruption, the new film’s exposure materials portray it as “but rather a spin-off reexamination.”

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  1. A Hard Day

The Korean film is an entertaining and dramatic film filled with action, laughs, and a fast paced story that takes place in a 24 hour setting. The story, in which a cop accidentally kills a man, attempts to cover up this mishap in one of the most crazy ways possible. Things appear to quiet down later as the investigator begins to get puzzling calls demonstrating that somebody was watching him the night he submitted the attempt at manslaughter. The film shows everyone involved is not as pure as they seem and has a dirty side to everything.

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