What is Nano liquid screen protector?

Do we know the damage of the glare? How to put screen protector on iPad? If you’re confused hwo to put a screen protector on your big, beautiful iPad screen from scratches, crack or just cut down on the glare and protect eye, here’s a quick how to on applying a screen protector to your iPad. Only needs to be done right, it’s a simple process, so take your time and follow the vedio step by step. If yes, welcome to briefly know about PERFECTSIGHT eye care tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone , iPad, Macbook.

What is blue light? Sunlight contains red, orange, yellow, green and blue light rays and many shades of each of these colors, depending on the energy and wavelength of the individual rays (also called electromagnetic radiation). Combined, this spectrum of colored light rays creates what we call “white light” or sunlight.

Glasses come with TR90 frame offer extreme comfort because of their flexibility quality.They can easily bend accordingly to your face texture and is resilient for ground impacts. Since they are flexible, they can bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably. Durable, Resilient on impact. This flexibility also makes TR90 glasses resilient to damage. Because the material is pliable, they are far less likely to break or bend from impact. If you have an unfortunate habit of dropping things (especially your glasses), or stepping on them, or sitting them (you get what we mean), then the high durability of the TR90 is perfect for you. On impact with the ground, the molecules of the material can rearrange themselves instead of breaking formation and snapping – no more going through five frames a month with the TR90 at hand. Lightweight. And most remarkable of all, TR90 glasses are supremely lightweight! Lots of TR90 Frames are only harf of CP frame, make your nose and ear comfortable. Bright in Color. More colorful than plastic frame. Discover a few extra info at tr90 frame.

Your mobile devices: iPhone users can use Night Shift (under Settings > Display) and the less-known Color Tint feature; Android users can download Twilight for their screen-dimming needs. If you can’t help bringing your phone to bed, wear HEV blocking glasses, put a blue filter screen on your phone, or place it face down while it plays; play a movie or ambient white noise, or podcast clips to listen to while falling asleep. Or better yet, drift off while reading an analog book: It will force your brain to imagine, and that effort will wear you out more than the instant simulation brought by the visual nature of our devices.

Eye tip: This one should come as no surprise – the food we put in our bodies plays a vital role in our health. You want to be sure you’re eating foods with plenty of nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, Zinc, Vitamins A, C, & E. Here are some of the foods that contain these vision-enhancing nutrients: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which can help to reduce the symptoms of dry eye, can be found in several natural food sources including salmon, mackerel, tuna, walnuts, chia seeds and tofu.

Because short-wavelength, high energy blue light scatters more easily than other visible light, it is not as easily focused. When you’re looking at computer screens and other digital devices that emit significant amounts of blue light, this unfocused visual “noise” reduces contrast and can contribute to digital eye strain. Research has shown that lenses that block blue light with wavelengths less than 450 nm (blue-violet light) increase contrast significantly. Therefore, computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses may increase comfort when you’re viewing digital devices for extended periods of time. The lens in the adult human eye blocks nearly 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays. As part of the normal aging process, the eye’s natural lens eventually blocks some short-wavelength blue light as well — the type of blue light most likely to cause damage to the retina and lead to macular degeneration and vision loss. Read even more info at this website.