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Best grass fed grass finished beef jerky: You could eat a different flavor of Chef’s Cut jerky every day and not run out of new flavors for more than a week and a half. Which is a slightly odd way of saying they offer 11 different flavors, each of which uses a marinade designed by chef Blair Swiler, the man behind the brand’s name. There’s Applewood Uncured Bacon pork jerky, Honey Barbecue smoked chicken breast jerky, Chipotle Cracked Pepper beef jerky, and many more. And beyond their bags of jerky, the company also offers meat sticks, meat bars, and Protein Snack Packs, which consist of a cup divided into two compartments, one of which is loaded with jerky, the other with dried cheese crackers.

It is believed that the consumption of dried meat dates as far back as the Neanderthals – notably eating “woolly mammoth jerky”. Curing meat as a means of preservation was utilized in a variety of different methods in early civilizations. Some used salt or sugar to withdraw water moisture out of meat through the process of osmosis. Others smoked or dehydrated their meat. Animal sources, preparation and flavorings evolved over centuries into countless varieties all over the world – Pemmican in North America, Kilishi in Nigeria, Ch’arki in South America, Biltong in South Africa and Bakkwa in China to name a few.

A sweet and spicy take on our original recipe with flavors of fruity habanero peppers. What Makes Our Beef Jerky The Best: USA Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef, Whole Muscle Cuts, Lean Protein, Gluten Free, Natural Ingredients, No Preservatives, Made in Small Batches, Travel Friendly. Ingredients: Grass-fed and grass-finished beef, Worcestershire sauce, tamari sauce, molasses, brown sugar, granulated garlic, granulated onion, seasoning, garlic, sunflower oil, onion, natural flavor, habanero power. Find more information at best peppered beef jerky.

Great value and excellent flavor, Cattleman’s is the best beef jerky we all tried and the perfect texture. Cattleman’s slowly marinates all their premium beef for twenty-four hours before slow roasting it, giving it a glorious tenderness to it. Crafted from nothing but USDA-certified steak, this top-notch American beef jerky gives you more bang for your buck and comes in a resealable package to keep it fresh after you’ve enjoyed one of ten servings. Tender, flavorful, without being too strong. And this may be a great food gift for those who like to eat.

From the beginning, our biggest fans were athletes. Today, Jawbox powers over 50 professional and collegiate programs in their quest for superior performance. Our amazing jerky is also enjoyed by thousands of people who seek nutritional snacks of the highest quality – whether to recover and refuel after a workout, or just to relax with a delicious, protein-packed snack. Find additional details on Beef Jerky Company.