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Top full automatic dog food dispensers: Another pretty useful feature is the ability to adjust the portion size because not all cats eat the same and if your cat eats too much, this feature will definitely help your cat lose excess weight which is great for your cat’s health. People often forget about this feature, but it is a very useful feature that makes sure that your cat is happy and healthy and doesn’t overeat. There are different programmable cat feeder models and you have to choose depending on the type of food your cat eats. The variety of products and types is bigger for dry food than for wet food, because the dry food is easier to store and it is more popular among cats. If your cat eats wet food, you have to buy an auto cat food dispenser specially designed for wet food. Those automatic cat feeders come with ice packs on the bottom to keep the wet food cold which prevents it from spoiling. Just keep in mind that wet food is more sensitive to warm environments and you have to check it often to make sure it hasn’t spoiled in the feeder.

Timer. If your cat is used to eating at specific times, then you can offer her that same food whether you’re there or not. Most timers will offer at least three meals a day, but several offer more and in a variety of portion sizes. This is also a great feature to allow you to make sure your cat gets portions throughout the day so that she doesn’t overeat after not eating for too long. You will also get to make sure those portions are appropriate if your cat is on a diet to manage her weight. Voice recording. Your cat may be hesitant to eat while you’re gone; it’s a common occurrence when pet parents leave for days at a time. With an automatic feeder, you can make sure your cat has the food, but you can’t make sure she eats it. But with feeders that allow you to record your voice to play when it dispenses food, there’s a chance your cat will be comforted into eating. Or at the very least, she’s be comforted by your voice, either way.

An automatic cat food dispenser should be easy to program and accurate in dispensing food, in addition to keeping food fresh. Here’s what else to consider when selecting an automatic cat feeder: Food storage capacity. Always check to see how much food a dispenser can actually hold. One of the major benefits of automatic cat feeders is that they take the hassle out of having to feed your pet, but if you need to fill it up every day, it basically makes having an automatic cat feeder pointless. Also, if you live in a multi-cat household, you’ll want to select a feeder with a larger food storage capacity as your pets will be going through it more quickly. Read even more info at Latest Automatic Pet Feeder.

The WOpet automatic feeder is ideal for portion control as it lets you set the precise amount of food being dished out with each meal, ranging from two teaspoons to 4.5 cups at a time. The 7-liter storage container holds about 20 cups of dry food. This automatic feeder is beloved by customers and allows pet parents to record a voice message to play during mealtime.

Your cat will get all of her meals with the right portions right on time. You won’t need to leave out a big bowl of food and worry about coming home to an empty bowl and a chubbier pet. This automatic pet feeder is with infrared sensor. When the bowl fills a certain amount, the machine automatically stops, preventing food from overflowing. When feeding time is up, voice recording will call your pets to have meals on time. And the food dispenser will play your voice for 12 seconds when it is dispensing. See more info on