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Indie game about saving turtles

Saving turtles by playing Too Many Turtles? Too Many Turtles is a tactical board card game in which two players play against eachother over the course of up to 3 rounds to build the most valuable army of turtles that they are able to gather. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins and the game goes to the first player to win 2 out of 3 rounds. In our base set, you will find two pre-built decks of cards made to play against each other. On one side, you have Turtron: The Legendary Defender, a giant robotic turtle from outer space that has come to earth. He and his army of hatchlings are trying to combat the devastating effects mankind is having on turtles and the environment using a variety of effect cards like Shell Restoration and Environmental Clean Up.

Now a little info about real world turtle problems. We are now reaching a critical point in our planets ecology. 6 of 7 sea turtle species are listed as Threatened, Endangered, or Critically Endangered, with 129 of 300 total turtle species falling into the same categories. Oceanic Society. The Oceanic Society is one of the leading organizations in terms of increasing awareness for turtle conservation. It is their goal to generate needed information and pass it to the people who need it most.

We’re proud to present our flagship game, Too Many Turtles. Too Many Turtles is an exciting new card game that offers an innovative way for gamers and conservationists alike to save turtles both in game, and more importantly, in real life. Too Many Turtles will be available this Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th), starting at $25. For more information, check out our Campaign Video, or go to our Kickstarter Preview to follow all of our updates as we work to save the turtles!Read additional details at Save the Turtles Card Game.

Counter Cards – Counter cards can be used to counter or react to effects cards played against you (One great example is Shell To Pay, pictured right). These cards can be extremely helpful for defending your turtle army. Turtle Movement/Ownership – As mentioned above, certain effects cards can affect turtle movement. Additionally, certain effects cards can allow you to locate and move cards in your deck or pond or even steal turtles from your opponents side of the field.

The Impact: Luckily for all of you amazing people reading this, the three of us aren’t quite smart enough to believe we can’t change the world. With your help though, we might be smart enough to pull it off! We chose SEE Turtles as our Non-Profit Partner because they work around the world to defend turtle hatchlings from danger so they can thrive. We need to take action before Sea Turtles go extinct. So, for every pack we sell, we pledge to save (at least) 50 hatchlings with the help of SEE Turtles. Once we realized the danger posed to turtle populations worldwide by human activity, we realized it was our responsibility to do something to help. We believe a game can change the world and we’re going to prove it! Read even more details at