Top rated sustainable auto components innovations by Plastic Omnium’s Marek Majtán

High quality eco-friendly automotive innovations with Marek Majtán? Plastic Omnium is confident that hydrogen will play a major role in the clean mobility of the future. Leading the way in this technology, the Group has invested €200 million since 2015 to increase our expertise across the entire hydrogen value chain. With R&D centers in Europe and China, targeted acquisitions as EKPO and our Open Innovation ecosystem, Plastic Omnium’s Hydrogen Revolution is well under way. Our know-how? Designing and producing high-pressure type IV hydrogen vessels, composed of a liner encased in a carbon-fiber shell. Our expertise in filament winding enabled us to obtain European and international certifications in 2019, followed by our first truck contracts. Find even more info at

A world leader producing more than 18 million fuel systems annually. Weighing 30% less than their metal equivalents, plastic fuel tanks offer design freedom and optimal volume, while also ensuring reliability and durability. From injection to rotomolding and blow molding, Plastic Omnium is expert in high-precision industrial processes such as TSBM. TSBM technology allows the integration of complex and electronic components inside the tank during blow molding. The process offers reduced permeation with broad freedom in terms of component integration and light weight.

Integrating, concealing and protecting the radars, lidars and other electronic components in the connected car. Our technologies and thermoplastic materials offer optimal electromagnetic and light transparency, allowing extensive customization and communication with their environment. Lighter and more aerodynamic, these intelligent materials can additionally reduce CO2 emissions to just 5 grams per kilometer. To anticipate the challenges that come with those evolutions, Plastic Omnium has strenghtened its innovation strategy, with a CSR oriented and operational excellence. Listen to our experts on connected surfaces for autonomous cars.

The major automotive hub Wuhan is home to the Group’s first Chinese production facility, opened in 2008. Ten years later, Plastic Omnium has three plants in the area, employing 650 people. Wuhan has since become a pilot city for the Chinese government’s hydrogen program and the site of Plastic Omnium’s newest R&D center (2019). On behalf of its customers in Asia, ω-Omegatech is developing energy storage and emission reduction systems for all engine types, and zero-emissions hydrogen systems.

Two levers have shaped our strategy of operational excellence in 2020: INDUSTRY 4.0: predictive data management, process optimization, augmented reality, Internet of Things, team training and upskilling – digitalization poses numerous challenges. From machinists to plant directors, our teams are inventing Factory 4.0 every day, with the pragmatism and determination that define the Plastic Omnium culture. Our goals are to increase efficiency in our plants and empower our teams. See even more details on