Premium Kalimba brands and learning numbers notation by Kalimba-Tabs

Kalimba chords and top brands list? Also known as a thumb piano, the Kalimba is a delightful instrument that is enjoyed by many players worldwide. It might not be the first instrument someone would decide to take up, but nonetheless, the Kalimba can give a truly rewarding playing experience.

The first thing that caught our eye when we saw the Walter.D Mahogany Tone Wood Kalimba is its unique color. This is the first Kalimba in our review without the traditional natural finish and comes in an ocean blue color. If you’re that sort of person that likes to stand out from the crowd, the Walter.D Kalimba is for you. Well, it would appear that standing out can be an expensive pastime, as this comes in a bit pricier than the other Kalimbas we’ve reviewed so far. But, if that isn’t such a big deal, then, this is a great buy. If you’re out of ideas on what to get a budding musician as a gift, then consider the Walter.D Mahogany Tone Wood Kalimba. Anyone would love to unwrap this little blue Kalimba on their birthday or at Christmas. The wood itself is mahogany, and of solid quality, we might add.

Due to it has compact and personal construction, the most modern and professional ones even have inputs for amplification. The tuning of Kalimba is by interspersed notes, and on different scales, usually diatonic and pentatonic scales. Most Kalimba are tunes in International tuning of Standard C Major scale. The keys are arranged in an arpeggio shape. The chords are also possible when sliding the keys. Types of Kalimba Hollow Box Flat Board Acrylic Types of Kalimba: There are versions of the instrument that you can add resonators to add a touch of percussion. Discover extra information at kalimba tabs.

Every UNOKKI Kalimba is tuned and tested before it’s shipped, so you can start playing right away. However, the instrument is shipped with a tuning hammer and tuning instructions, so you should find it easy to re-tune your kalimba as and when you need to. Also enclosed is a handy silicone finger protector. Although these are widely available, not all kalimbas are shipped with them, so this is a big advantage when you buy the UNOKKI Kalimba. Whether you’re a beginner who is still getting used to the keys or a more experienced player who is using the kalimba for hours at a time, wearing a finger protector can help to minimize discomfort and ensures you can play without harming your fingers.

If you were looking for something a little more colorful then you might want to consider an Apelila kalimba. They come in a variety of colors and styles some with themed sound-holes which feature ballerinas, guitars, and even Christmas tree cut-outs in place of a traditional circular sound-hole. They are certainly different but their construction and functionality remain the same. They are fabricated from mahogany each precision machined for good quality control and they are laden with 17 carbon steel key, again tuned to C. They are very competitively priced undercutting the majority of best sellers on the current market and their range of designs make them an ideal gift choice. They are sold with a range of accessories which include a tuning hammer, thumb protectors, stickers, a velvet carry pouch, and a brief user guide. See even more details at this website.