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Best quality boza Turkish drink online shopping? Firin Sutlac: Cinnamon or grinned hazelnuts are the two main dressings. After it is browned in a salamander broiler it becomes the Turkish dessert called firin sutlac, or oven baked rice pudding. According to Islamic belief, when Noah survived the big flood, he made a pudding dish with the ingredients that were available. There are many variants of this Turkish dessert. Basically this is a mixture of sugar, grains like wheat, chickpea and haricot beans with dried fruits like fig, apricot and raisin as well as nuts like hazelnut, and walnut for dressing. The dessert comes with a religious custom. The first month of the Islamic calendar is Muharrem. It is a good deed to fast the first 10 days of Muharrem, and then on the 10th day, the Day of Ashure, to cook and share ashure with your neighbors and relatives. Therefore ashure has had a binding social value. Today, the tradition of sharing ashure is still very much alive.

Think Chinese dumplings, but Turkish spices. Think Ravioli, but non-Italian fillings. Manti is an excellent dish that the Turks have mastered because a perfect Manti requires uniqueness when it comes to taste and texture. The delicacy is composed of different types of meat wrapped in soft dough, and it’s your choice if you want to boil or fry the meat. The Manti is best served with butter or yogurt. If you’re looking for something familiar and tasty, try the Manti, it’s a perfect go-to dish. If you have a sweet tooth like the Turks, the Kestane şekeri might be just right for you. These are sugared chestnuts. One of the best traditional food to eat in Turkey, this dessert is extra special because it dates back to the 1300s. The Kestane şekeri is also a usual gift given during special occasions and is placed in decorative boxes. In French cuisine, this dessert is known as the “marron glacés.” This dessert is very easy to eat, so you can munch on them anytime and anywhere you would like. Find additional details at Balparmak Pine Honey (460 gr) Glass.

Lots of families are working far away from their countries and they would like to have something to remember them about their home country.For all turkish people around the world there is this family that ships traditional handmade food , with authentic taste, or handmade turkish crafts to anyone anywhere in the world. Would you like to feel an authentic turkish coffee set? We arelike a family you left behind and that will send you a nice wrapped box with something good your grandma did for you.

Dondurma: Turkish Ice cream , a favourite for the summer times, the Turkish ice cream of dondurma has a taste that is vastly different from Western versions because of the added ingredients of salep and mastic that give it a gooey like texture and taste. The Kahramanmaraş region of Turkey has a reputation for producing the best tasting ice cream that is sold all over the country and is especially popular among foreigners buying from the street cart vendors in Istanbul. Such is the thick consistency of Kahramanmaraş ice cream, using a knife and fork to eat it is not unheard of! Discover even more information on Tomurcuk Earl Grey Tea (125 gr).

In recent past, the traditional method of producing this cheese was improved by the addition of fresh butter made from the cream obtained after skimming the milk, but this butter can only amount to 15% of the total weight of the cheese. It increases the fat content and gives Kopanisti an even creamier texture. Turkish salep is a beverage that is usually consumed during the winter season. The basis of salep is the stem or a tuber of the wild orchid, which is boiled, dried, and ground to produce a starchy powder. It is then mixed with hot milk, and occasionally ginger and cinnamon, to create a soothing drink with an earthy flavor. Salep is believed to be a medically beneficial beverage, since one of its components, glucomannan, eases the symptoms of bronchitis, colds, and coughs. It was invented out of the need to substitute alcoholic beverages with a comforting and healthy drink.

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