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Salgam drink online store with Firin Sutlac: Cinnamon or grinned hazelnuts are the two main dressings. After it is browned in a salamander broiler it becomes the Turkish dessert called firin sutlac, or oven baked rice pudding. According to Islamic belief, when Noah survived the big flood, he made a pudding dish with the ingredients that were available. There are many variants of this Turkish dessert. Basically this is a mixture of sugar, grains like wheat, chickpea and haricot beans with dried fruits like fig, apricot and raisin as well as nuts like hazelnut, and walnut for dressing. The dessert comes with a religious custom. The first month of the Islamic calendar is Muharrem. It is a good deed to fast the first 10 days of Muharrem, and then on the 10th day, the Day of Ashure, to cook and share ashure with your neighbors and relatives. Therefore ashure has had a binding social value. Today, the tradition of sharing ashure is still very much alive.

Imam Bayildi is a classic Turkish dish that is even suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It consists of eggplant that is stuffed with chopped tomatoes, garlic and onions and then cooked in olive oil. This stuffed and simmered eggplant dish can be served warm or at room temperature. It could be a side dish for a large meal or a main course for people with dietary restrictions. What is Turkey’s most popular food? Many food items in Turkey are very popular with both locals and tourists. Some of the most popular food that you can enjoy here is: i) Döner (meat in a wrap) ii) Iskender Kebab (thinly sliced lamb with tomato sauce) iii) Gözleme (stuffed Turkish flatbread) iv) Baklava (sweet flaky pastry filled with nuts). Discover additional details on Başak Ezogelin Soup (75 gr).

A lot of persons are living far away from their countries and they would love to have something to remember them about their home country.For all turkish people around the world there is this family that ships traditional handmade food , with authentic taste, or handmade turkish crafts to anyone anywhere in the world. Would you like to taste an authentic assorted baklava? We arelike a family you left behind and that will send you a nice wrapped box with something good your grandma did for you.

A list of Turkish sweets and desserts would not be complete without the king of them all, which is baklava. Made from a simple combination of crispy filo pastry, chopped nuts and soaked in a sweet, sticky syrup, baklava is ideal as either a dessert or sweet snack. Sometimes served with a healthy dose of ice cream, the variety of nuts used differs from region to region. Gaziantep, a South-eastern province is famous for their use of pistachio nuts and production of what many say is the best Turkish baklava in the country. Read even more info at Tadım Pistachio R/s (200 gr).

Tursu Suyu is a refreshing beverage native to Turkey, made from pickled vegetables such as beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, peppers, garlic, and brine. It is salty in flavor, with a strong tangy kick at the end, while its color is bright pink. Tursu Suyu is sold by balik ekmek (fish sandwich) vendors and is often paired with fish sandwiches or other street food.

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