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Tena Mitchell’s taro card readings? What are your predictions for 2020? Tena Mitchell said, “There will be a lot of planning done, taking into consideration the pros and cons of the actions to be taken. If things are not properly looked into, there are chances the situation will turn upside down or there are chances that the things may not turn out to the same as planned. Be ready with a backup plan and for last-minute changes or action, plan- B could be taken into consideration which will give you the originally desired results.”

One of the most popularly used tools in divination today are the Tarot cards. Although not quite as simple as other methods like pendulums or tea leaves, the Tarot has mystified and captured the imaginations of people for centuries due to it’s mystical, and some may even call, magical powers. Today, there are hundreds of different designs available to purchase from many different decks of cards.

Using these tools combined with meditation, Tena has a perfect satisfaction rate for her clients. We only use the purest crystals, incense, & candles. We offer an array of different tarot cards ranging from the classic rider deck to the lovers and angel decks. Tarot is one of our main services – whether coming to our Boutique, or at an event or party.Come in for a meditation session and channel your inner peace and leave centered. If you’re looking for direction in your career or that promotion you’ve been waiting for, Gypsy Tea Room can help you achieve your goals. Discover additional information on Taro Card Readings.

Oh my goodness what a revelation this reading was she was spot on even with the smallest details completely blew my mind with her ability to tap into everything that has been going on thank you and thank you again Tena this was by far the most eye-opening experience I have ever had I would and in fact did recommend to a friend ! Thank you thank you thank thank you!!!!!!!! You have opened my eyez ( and taught me about my pineal (or pinael maybe?) gland and how important it is)….. i will be changing my lifestyle to a more spiritual one 4 sure…thanks for your wisdom Tina.

A soul mate is the person that ignites the fire inside you. They make adventures happen at a whims notice, and help you find peace when you need it the most. A soul mate understands your most inner being. When everyone else gets it wrong, they get it right. Don’t ever stop searching for that special person. You will know when you find them. It is a magical feeling, an indescribable feeling, like it is fate, meant to be. Don’t ever let that go. We are constantly searching for our other half, and you will find them when you least expect it! Discover even more info on here.