EMV Level 2 testing and certifications firm

EMV Level 3 testing and certifications company? The Twist to EMV Certification. Any non-generic, custom-payment application, such as a point-of-sale system, is held to the same testing standards as a generic payment application for EMV certification. The testing falls on the developer of the payment application, but can significantly hold up businesses that need an EMV certified terminal. Wonder why so many businesses still swipe chip cards? It’s because companies are currently waiting up to one year for level 3 EMV certification. Palms sweating? Mind racing? Don’t stress. Even though EMV compliance is still a dream for most businesses, we have solutions available to you right now.

EMV cards were never designed to prevent fraud when credit card numbers are stolen and used online (“card-not-present”). However, they were intended to be more secure than fraudulent magnetic stripe cards. Credit card data can be illegally captured at point-of-sale terminals and easily copied onto blank stripe cards with an encoder (see skimming).

To understand more about some of the terminology used in EMV we’ve compiled a useful Glossary of Terms. Card scheme defines their own requirements for contactless cards that comply with that scheme’s specifications, please take a look at our more detailed World of Contactless.

We know, it is crucial to get it done under tight time in the market limitations. Our team which more than 18 years of experience did a lot of EMV certification and has been giving consultancy all over the world. EMV payment training and consultancy services: EMV Roadmaps, new standards, and easier EMV configuration are just the beginning. Discover additional information on EMV payment training and consultancy services.