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OEM/ODM service for custom carbon fiber products manufacturer: What are carbon fiber composites(CFRP)? A carbon fiber reinforced composite material, referred to as a carbon fiber composite material, refers to a fiber-reinforced composite material using carbon fiber as a main structural component. It should be noted that the “P” in the CFRP composite may represent not only “polymer” but also “plastic”. In general, thermosetting resins such as epoxy resins, polyesters, or vinyl esters are often used in CFRP composites. Although thermoplastic resins are also used in CFRP composites, “carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites” are often referred to as CFRTP composites, representing the acronym for the English name Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites.

Carbon fiber (CF) is used such as a reinforcement material in composites. Demand for CF will continue to rise, with global demand exceeding 77,000 tons in 2018 and rising to more than 150,000 tons by 2025. A number of producers have increased capacity in 2018, and Kangde (66,000 tons), Toray (62,000 tons) and SGL Group (49,000 tons) will greatly grow their capacity over the next few years. Other companies with development plans include Hexcel, DowAska and Hyosung. Toray purchased CF components manufacturer TenCate Advanced Composites Holding in March 2018 for $1 billion. Combined global fabrication capacity is currently more than 140,000 tons.

Jinjiuyi has been custom carbon fiber cutting for our customers for 6 years. We cut all products base on carbon fiber sheet, Not only we manufacture carbon fiber plate by our own factory, but also CNC machining by our workshop. We have 8 sets of high-speed CNC machine that offer accuracy of 0.05 mm, so we can easily finish your big orders. Thanks to wide experience we offer carbon fiber cutting services of different carbon fiber products purposed for industry and civil, products including high precision automated machine arms, carbon fiber structural components for UAV FPV, racing car carbon fiber chassis, money clips, money wallets, phone case, carbon fiber tag, carbon fiber buckle for belt, and many other CNC machining products. Read more info at Carbon Fiber Cutting.

This one of the most important factors to be considered besides choosing the materials. The x-frame has the highest cutting strength in the 45-degrees direction, and the split arm has the highest strength in the 90-degree direction. The number of the 45-degree and 90-degree layout on the same carbon plate is different. This is why the 45-degree cutting direction is more expensive than the 90-degree direction. Some of our customers choose the chamfering and painting/coating process. This because carbon fibers usually have sharp edges after they have been cut.

The Jinjiuyi’s Mission is to lead the carbon fiber market and promote it as a primary composite building material. It is our goal to help businesses achieve next level of performance through our high end products. Our Carbon fiber reinforced composites are extraordinary in their strength, low weight, high stiffness, heat resistance, and electrical conductivity. Our top priority is customers’ satisfaction. Superior customer service is the symbol of Jinjiuyi. We always try to provide top quality services and products thanks to our expertise, skilled professionals, and high end facilities that all combined give exceptional customer satisfaction. Find even more info at