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What can you see in India and India visa tricks! The sacred location at the confluence of three rivers is what makes Allahabad a special place near Varanasi. The confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati River has offered Allahabad cultural and political importance for nearly 3000 years now. Allahabad, also known as Prayag, became a major centre of the Independence Movement. Today, Allahabad is a prosperous province and its tree-line avenues and the congested old city offers a commendable contrast. There are a number of places that catches the attention of visitors in Allahabad. Allahabad Fort built in 1583 has a famed Ashokan pillar that was brought from Kaushambi. The eastern side of the fort is famed for the ‘Undying Banyan Tree’ called Akshaivata. Khusro Bagh, Anand Bhavan (ancestral home of India’s premier political dynasty, the Nehru-Gandhi family), Allahabad Museum, All Saint’s Cathedrala and the Kumbh Mela are the major highlights of Allahabad.

In the past, getting an Indian Visa has proven to be challenging task for a great many visitors. India Business Visa has been more challenging to get approval than the ordinary India Tourist Visa (eTourist India Visa). This has been simplified now into a straightforward two-minute online procedure by innovative use of technology, payment integration and backend software. All process is now online without requiring the traveller to leave their home or office. Numerous tourists or business visitor don’t have the foggiest idea that Indian Visa can be applied completely on the web without ever visiting any Indian embassy or a physical Indian Government office. Business Visa for India can likewise be applied on the web. In the past India Visa applicants regularly visited Indian government offices, or Indian embassy offices, and spent numerous hours of the day holding up in lines, burning through their valuable time. See additional details at India Visa.

Everyone loves to see animals in the wild. Jim Corbett National Park, India’s oldest national park, is a good place to see the endangered Bengal tiger. Established in 1936, the park was renamed in 1954 to honor Jim Corbett, author and wildlife conservationist, who helped create this nature reserve. Thick vegetation, including jungles and forest, make it difficult to see the tiger – April to June is best for that, but visitors may see other wildlife, including elephants, leopards, rhinoceros and Himalayan black bears.

Construction of Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid, one of the world’s largest mosques-and one of the oldest in India-began in 1614 during Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah’s reign and took almost 80 years to complete. Large enough to accommodate 10,000 worshipers, this beautiful mosque’s 15 enormous arches and pillars were each wrought from single slabs of black granite dragged to the site by huge cattle trains reputedly consisting of up to 1,400 bulls. Taking its name from the bricks above the central gate that were brought here from Mecca, this impressive complex features highlights such as its main gateway, huge plaza, a large manmade pond, and a room that houses the hair of Prophet Mohammed. Other notable features include inscriptions from the Quran above many of the arches and doors, the exquisite roof of the main hall, the cornices around the entire mosque structure, and the floral motifs and friezes over the arches.

There are five high level types of India eVisa (India Visa online application process): For tourism reasons, the e-Tourist Visa; For business reasons, the e-Business Visa; For medical reasons, the e-Medical Visa; For medical attendant reasons, the e-MedicalAttendant Visa; For conference reasons, the e-Conference Visa. Tourist visas can be availed for the purposes of Tourism, Sight Seeing, Visiting Friends, Visiting Relatives, short term Yoga programma, and even for one month of unpaid volunteer work. If you apply for an Indian Visa online, you are eligible to avail it for the described reasons. Business Visa to India can be availed by applicants for sales/purchases or trade, to attend technical/business meetings, to set up industrial/business venture, to conduct tours, to deliver lecture(s), to recruit manpower, to participate in exhibitions or business/trade fairs, to act as an expert/specialist in connection with an on-going project. If you are coming for the described purposes, then you are eligible for an India Visa online application process. Read extra info on