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European real estate listings and real estate tips from LiveIO? is a new real estate platform aimed at helping real estate agents and individuals to buy real estate properties in Europe. We will also talk about some real estate tricks mixed with some analysis of 2019-2020 real estate market trends in Europe.

In Europe, prices will continue to go up as construction costs and interest rates are also expected to increase in the next 3 to 5 years. The residential sector is the real estate professionals favourite as it is the one that brings a more resilient outcome. However, office spaces are also on the spotlight in 2020. This year you will be hearing a lot people talking about technology. This is a sector that is working hand in hand with real estate, to bring the best solutions to professionals. The number of startups dedicated to real estate tech will continue to increase and invest on development, especially because the market is becoming more and more competitive. But we should also note that financial tech has a great impact on the sector, as it helps to reduce transaction costs by providing more automated operations.

Should you worry about low inflation when buying property abroad? Some investors ask about the lack of inflation and whether it still matters. Based on the understanding that we have always sold real estate on the following argument: because of inflation, your investment will always be protected — it’s a hedge protection. Today, however, we don’t have inflation or, if we do, it’s a mere few percent. When investors ask if it stills matters, the answer is yes. Inflation in the Euro area is currently at 1.3% as of June 2019, and is not expected to soar substantially in the coming years. If, for one reason or another, inflation were to recover further, real estate investors could benefit because, besides a potential rise in the value of their investments, rental contracts are generally indexed and reviewed upwards on a regular basis, as in the UK. A continuous, long-lasting lack of inflation would be bad news for a property investor. But in case of deflation, we also see a decrease of asset values, and that is no good news either. Inflation still matters, and we hope to have a return of a healthy inflation of 2% in the coming years – though, as ECB president Mario Draghi said, we must be patient. Find more info Real Estate Platform.

Now let’s discuss about a few real estate tricks for sellers: Socialize: Staying home is safe, warm, comfortable and cheap; but it also does nothing for your business. Get out of the house and go out with friends. Socializing can lead you to the perfect client. Whether you initiate a conversation or someone just overhears you chatting with a friend, discussing your real estate business in a social setting can be very beneficial. Negotiate renovations with the seller: Are you trying to sell a house with an outdated kitchen? Could the bathrooms use some work? Ask the seller if he or she would be willing to fix things up a bit. Investing in repairs will not only help the house sell, but it’ll give you something exciting to talk about during showings. Homebuyers love a fresh, current home!

Why Liveio? A complete marketplace to find and advertise property online. The idea behind Liveio was formed around a big gap in the market. We, the Swedish founders of the service, couldn’t find a smart and innovative platform around that gave the user the opportunity to browse and compare properties in different countries. There existed national alternatives, but not really a online plattform that were able to integrate real-estate markets in the whole of Europe. After a couple intense months of developing we can now proudly present the smoothest and most comprehensive way to buy, sell and rent property. Visit: